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Best of 2016 - Catherine

Dois tours reais marcaram o ano da Duquesa de Cambridge. Um ano em que finalmente Catherine apostou mais em apanhados para determinadas ocasiões, mas que ainda assim não justificam a loucura em redor do sentido de estilo da esposa do Príncipe William. Na minha opinião.
Two royal tours marked 2016 for the Duchess of Cambridge. A year in which Catherine finally bet more on elegant updos for certain occasions, but, still. I really don't see a reason for all the madness around the sense of style of Prince William's wife. In my opinion.

Categoria "Sou Princesa " / Category "I'm a Princess"
O vestido é o mesmo vencedor do ano passado, mas é impossível ficar indiferente a esta fotografia histórica aliada a uma das minhas tiaras favoritas.
The dress is the same winner from last year, but it is impossible to remain indifferent to this historical photograph allied to one of my favorite tiaras.

Categoria "Requinte é Classe " / Category "Polished is Classy"

A Duquesa de Cambridge deu-nos looks muito elegantes este ano, sempre que o uso de chapéu era requisitado. Este tipo de linhas favorece imenso Catherine. Adorei a cor, elegância e sobriedade dos acessórios.
The Duchess of Cambridge gave us very fashionable looks this year, whenever wearing a hat was required. This type of line favors a lot of Catherine. I loved the color, elegance and also the sobriety of the accessories.

Categoria "Grr..." / "Category "Grrr..."

Ao contrário da categoria anterior, este tipo de linhas não favorece em nada Catherine. E no entanto a nossa Duquesa insiste em usá-las. Este vestido foi apelidado de festivo...Hum...Nop!
Unlike the previous category, this type of lines does not favor Catherine at all. And yet our Duchess insists on wearing them. This dress was called "festive" ... Hmm ... Nop!

A opinião da Família T&T no Facebook /The opinion of the T & T Family on Facebook

A Duquesa de Cambridge é uma personalidade que raramente reúne consenso em relação a vários níveis entre royal watchers. Por isso fiquei muito surpreendida, pelas escolhas da Família T&T no Facebook terem sido exactamente as mesmas que as minhas! Incrível!
The Duchess of Cambridge is a personality who rarely gathers consensus on various levels among royal watchers. So I was very surprised, because the T & T Facebook Family's choices were exactly the same as mine! Amazing!

E para vocês? 
And for you?

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  1. There is nothing wrong with the Vanessa Seward dress ( I am not a big fan of it), but it's the exceptionally poor posture. I have never seen the Duchess so uncomfortable before. I just get sad when i see the photo. I think she was best dressed in that blue dress from the visit to India in April 2016. That was a perfect look ! :-)

    1. Hello Luna. Thanks for your comment. I agree, this Vanessa Seward dress it's a dress I would wear, like the great majority of Kate's clothes. The thing is and allways was the way the clothes wear her and not the other way around. The dress could indeed be "festive", but looks not festive at all on her. Do you mean the blue gown she wore at the Bollywood Gala? In fact it's the only gala I want to see it. Too much embroidery for my taste and I didn't like the sleeves and waist line. :)

  2. Yes, thats the dress i meant. Blue is Catherine's color imo :-)